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About Us | NorthStar Building Co. is a business passionate about homes. Our building and design firm focuses on designing and building your home with characteristics that fit you. Whether you have an exact idea of what you want, or you want to explore different styles, we will help you discover the style and architecture you dream of.

Floor Plans | We are dedicated to creating the best home you can get within your budget. Explore some of our floor plans, browse through our gallery and find a design fit for you.

The Right Style | Choosing the right style for you is the first step our firm will help you with. What is the architectural style that calls out to you? Let’s discover whether you’re a French Country bon vivant or your love of downtown Boise leaves you with an affinity for Tudor Cottage. Whatever the style is you’re looking for in your dream home let’s discover the style you want.

NorthStar Building Co can create any style of home for you and our process will help you get the most out of your money. Have something you want which you don’t see very often in the valley? We can create any style of home for you.


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About Us | We are a company committed to leaving a lasting impact on the real estate industry and our communities. We are a team of industry leaders inspired to create relevancy in real estate. We offer the NEXT franchise model from a company focused on the consumer, the future, and the right services for any sized brokerage. This includes but not limited to virtual reality, augmented reality, automation, API integration and high tech. As Idaho Realtors, we strive to make sure that every client of ours is treated as a VIP and walk the “Orange Carpet”!

Today’s Client | Informed. Tech-savvy. Mobile. Generations X and Y are the largest base of buyers and sellers today. By 2020, Millennials will make up at least half of the American workforce, and more than 90% plan to buy homes.  Your clients today and tomorrow have high expectations for your knowledge, transaction skills, business processes and communication style. To remain competitive, and grow a successful real estate business, align with the right brand, technology, marketing and broker.

Our Realtors | With 40+ Realtors, we are a growing brokerage with a desire to succeed and provide a memorable experience to our clients and in our community. You will have confident in our attention to detail, passion for others, knowledge of the area and the determination to provide a positive experience.   


Your Next Home With NextHome



NorthStar  | Star, Idaho 

NorthStar located adjacent to the southwest of the elegant Sage Canyon subdivision, this subdivision will feature 37 lots. Every lot will be one acre minimum with many providing amazing views of the foothills and surrounding land.

Located in the Northwest part of the Boise metro area, NorthStar is the premier subdivision whether you work in the city or desire a little space between your neighbors.  The subdivision will be elegant and well planned to represent the beautiful city of Star, Idaho.

NorthStar is about a 40-minute drive the Boise Airport and Downtown Boise.  The quaint downtown of Star is only 10 minutes away.  You will experience a little country living within the city limits. Enjoy the star lit evenings, quiet neighborhoods and the peaceful rolling hills.  Everything you desire is waiting for you in NorthStar.


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Virtual Reality Provided to Clients to Experience Their Next Home

With Smart Tours, we give you more, so you can sell more. Imagine offering your potential buyers the opportunity to click a link and be fully immersed in a 360-degree digital walk through of your property. More than just still photography or those out dated video tours of the past. Smart Tours gives you the power of today’s Virtual Reality technology in a simple and easy to use platform with complete personal branding attached.

We will provide a Virtual Tour for the model home to promote the property via many social media channels and effective marketing campaigns. The customized link will allow for greater exposure and ease of access to the home for potential buyers.





National Listing Distribution Maximum Exposure for Maximum Results

Today’s homebuyers begin their search for properties and information on the Internet. Online and mobile real estate searches have grown each year while the use of print media in home shopping continues to decrease. The Internet (82%) and your Real Estate Agent (78%) are the top two most useful information sources for homebuyers (National Association of REALTORS Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 2015).

Want to maximize your profit within a timeline right for you? Marketing your home online is essential in reaching the broadest audience of buyers. We create high quality, professional online marketing of your home with direct avenues to communicate with us for quick, responsive access to more information and showings.

  • 77% of all homebuyers found the home they purchased from the Internet or their real estate agent.

In addition to expansive online marketing and easy access for more information, we feature your home on the top sites searched by homebuyers. Our national listing distribution program gives your property greater online exposure, increased branding and connects buyers with your agent to ensure they receive timely and accurate information about your home.

The listings will be submitted on websites such as but not limited to:

  • Yahoo! Real Estate
  • AOL Real Estate


Open House Syndication Uniting Online and Offline Real Estate Search

The National Listing Distribution program combined with our Open House Syndication Program, puts your listing heads above the rest and increases your exposure to the number of interested buyers. Today, our product consumption and purchases primarily occur online.

At NextHome, we built an in-house system to unite the tried and true Open House with cutting-edge technology. We send our scheduled open houses to national websites who display showing times and information.

  • 92% found open houses useful in the purchase process.



Potential Buyers Are Automated and Tracked to Increase Sales

Spacio is a professional sign-in solution tailored for open houses. You will be able to collect visitors contact information, automatically send follow up emails after open house events, and obtain insights on your most likely buyers, allowing you to prioritize your time and effort.

More importantly, you will be able to make more effective sales and marketing decisions with open house reporting and generate seller reports to keep your clients in the loop on your marketing efforts.

An included NextHome benefit, Spacio is an impressive lead generation tool that will help you generate more buyer clients, as well as provide useful insights on the most qualified buyers in the market place to your sellers.

spacio open house 



The Contract Negotiation Navigating to Reach Your Goal

The offer and negotiation process with a serious buyer is one of the most significant steps to achieving a successful sale. Planning will maximize our leverage and create a better outcome during the contract negotiation and closing period. Collaboration as a team, and ability to negotiate for you as your representative, is a significant factor to keep in mind when selecting the right brokerage/agent. We will facilitate the parties emotions and negotiations throughout the selling process while helping to keep as much of your potential profit as possible. We will handle the nuances and transactional details to make the overall process smoother and simpler. Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for the buyers while keeping an eye out of the potential opportunities for profitability.

contract negotiation real estate 


Video Marketing the Digital Age of Real Estate

We live in the digital age of multi-media channels. Consumers are gravitating to mobile media and often consume from multiple mediums at one time. There are more than 2 billion unique users visiting YouTube each month and half of YouTube views are on mobile devices. Today’s homebuyers are an empowered consumer generation that does their homework ahead of time. They search, research, watch, visit, try, purchase, and review.

Video captures the essence of our communities, our homes and our lifestyles.  Showcasing the unique characteristics that make up a neighborhood help people explore new locations and make informed decisions.  Share your passion and the energy of every local community by creating professional, affordable videos with special pricing through our preferred vendor partnership.

With over nine out of ten homebuyers beginning their search online and 403% more inquires for listings with video than without, video marketing is key to reaching the largest audience. Showcasing a home through video marketing gives homebuyers a sense of the features and lifestyle that cannot be conveyed through description or even photos.

  • 90% of consumers find video helpful in their decision process
  • 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video.

Video has become key in the home buying process when considering a home and sharing it with their advice network. Video is also one of the most effective and viral marketing options to reach out of area homebuyers looking to relocate or purchase a vacation home.

Our Video Marketing utilizes a professional team of videographers, editors and creative designers to create a true video of your home. Our team will develop, script, oversee and facilitate the production of a listing video that gives homebuyers the best picture of the property, illustrates the special features buyers are looking for and entices them to come by for a visit. Sources: YouTube, NAR, Digital Sherpa, Brandshark

  • 73% – More likely to purchase after watching a video
  • 64% – Of website visitor are more likely to buy a product after viewing a video
  • Page one search results on Google increase 53 times with video. (Forrester Research)
  • YouTube reaches more adults aged 18–34 than any TV Network and is now 28% of all Google searches. (Nielsen & Google)
  • 48% of the top 50 most shared pieces of content on social media were video. (Moz)



NextHome Gets Social on Homes

Community — a shared social network with common interests and values — is at the heart of our lives. So much of our communal world has moved into the online medium, enabling us to connect, correspond and follow our social network in new ways. A community is also a focal point of the real estate process for buyers. Not only do they purchase a home based on the community and lifestyle they are looking for, they also rely heavily on the opinions of their shared network. Nearly 2.8 billion people have social media accounts and consumers today are more likely to make a purchase based


on the reviews, interests and opinions from people within their sphere. At NextHome, we utilize online social media networks to market your property and make it easy for buyers to share your home with loved ones. This sharing process can increase their interest in your home and reach homebuyers who are searching through social media for the right place to build their lives.

  • 52% of online adults now use two or more social media sites.
  • 46% of web users will look towards social media to make a purchase.
  • 76% of Facebook’s users engage daily


marketing automation

NextHome Treasure Valley Sales & Marketing Game Plan

With over 40+ agents, we are well equipped to have enough coverage of the model home to attract buyers and sell homes.  Our goal would be to create the top-notch sales team (5-6 quality and committed Realtors) who would be well trained to service NorthStar Ranch.  We would follow a sales approach led by the well-known trainer and author, Myers Barnes, along with being connected with other professionals in the industry to assist.

In addition, NextHome is a national franchise so we would be using our national exposure to market the property to our other NextHome brokers, owners, and agents across the United States.  As you know, Idaho is having an influx of out of state buyers. We will work diligently to create the relationships necessary to create a buzz about NorthStar Ranch and ensure lots are sold, homes are built, memories are made, and positive experiences are being shared.  We believe in creating value for each client we connect with and are confident they will enjoy the build process from start to finish. In addition, we want to build relationships for years so that they are buying a Southwood Home in the future or telling their family and friends.

NorthStar Ranch will be the only subdivision that NextHome Treasure Valley will be representing; therefore, you will have our 100% full attention.



The Schedule of the Model Home

This schedule will modify over time and dependent upon the year.  We would work to create a schedule that is best for our customers to visit.  We expect to be open at least five days per week (Wednesday thru Sunday) but could easily adjust and be open all days of the week.  The ballpark times would be the following:

  • Monday – Friday 10am to Sunset
  • Saturday 9am to Sunset
  • Sunday 12pm to Sunset

This would always be managed by NextHome Treasure Valley to have a Realtor on duty and many times 2-3 Realtors available depending on the day and season. Approximately 70% of the traffic will be from other Realtors within the Boise Regional Realtors Association. Therefore, we will focus our marketing attention on these individuals as our customer but will not neglect the general population.  Our automated marketing material is second to none which will produce items such as:

  • Social Media Images
  • Bi or Tri Fold Brochures
  • Professional Flyers
  • One Page Websites

We feel our consistent branding and marketing is essential for client recognition and to provide a quality presentation in every aspect of our business.  Our branding center is a automated one-stop hub to all collateral in the modern, fresh, sophisticated, warm and fun NextHome Treasure Valley branding.
Why NextHome?

Our name is presentative of what we do and how we help people buy and sell properties everyday. It speaks to our industry, our careers and our passion. NextHome is representative of the steps and transitional moments experienced by clients and our communities. We are dedicated to giving our clients the best service and success when they sell and buy their next home!Luke-Small-Web

Why Luke, Our Mascot?

Our friend, companion and mascot. When Luke is not out in the field and enticing people to tour new homes and lots in NorthStar Ranch or playing with neighborhood kids, you can find him relaxing at home with his favorite book. Born June 15, 2014 at Pentagram, New York, with an immediate affinity and passion for real estate, Luke is an avid supporter of homeownership opportunities, financial security, green living and personalized lifestyle.

He is experienced in playful engagement, trotting and making people smile. He loves attention and organic food. Luke travels extensively in his role as Ambassador at NextHome Treasure Valley, visiting listings, offices and bringing energy to the communities (especially NorthStar Ranch) our clients live in!



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