Smooth Sailing for Sellers

Smooth Sailing for sellers

I love working with home sellers! My favorite part is hearing the stories behind their home, improvements they have made and memories of family gatherings. Unfortunately selling your home can be stressful so I have put together this blog to address some common issues.

     1.Leave the home for showings if possible! 

I cant preach this enough, the buyer needs to imagine themselves living in your home and that is not easy to do with the current owner sitting on the couch!  Now I understand and appreciate that there is circumstances when you just can’t leave but if at all possible leave the home.

2. Don’t panic when repairs are requested! 

Often times I hear sellers say “The buyer is looking for a way out!” when a buyer request repairs. That’s simply not the case, because they could just as easily walk away utilizing the same form that they requested the repairs on! The buyer is still negotiating with you at this point. So take a breath, review their request and move forward as you see fit.

     3. Don’t wait to long to start packing!

I have seen many closings get delayed because the seller waited too long to get packed up and moved out, it can create a lot of stress if your still sweeping the floor when the buyer arrives for their keys!


    4. Keep the house in show ready condition at all times! 

You don’t want to be scrambling to get the house ready for a showing an hour before the buyer arrives, keep the home clean as possible from the time the photos are taken until closing day!


My Story

Licensed and dedicated to the Inland Northwest since 2014. I have a passion for helping buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. It is well documented that the consumers in the real estate market have a lack of faith and trust in real estate agents. My goal is to elevate the bar and exceed the expectations of my clients. I do this with cutting edge technology, streamlined communication and dedication to my community.